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Shimpaku guidance for a newbie?

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Looking for some guidance on where I should go with this Shimpaku.  The four view is all four sides rotated counter clockwise if you were looking from the top.

Here's the main growth on the tree. 

The main lower trunk structure on this tree looks like two Y shapes one Y off the main trunk line.

I'd like to wire this up sooner than later to get it going in the right direction.  The finished product years down the road will be ~15" or so in height.  Would I keep the main four branches or trim this back to a single branch off the main trunk line with the main trunk(remove one branch from each Y)?  Looking at an informal upright I think.

Appreciate any input!


P.S. This was one of the first starters I purchased.  I was anxious to pot one up to look at essentially.  :)  Since then I've purchased five more small $10 tree starters and they've been placed into larger pots with a sifted pine bark/oil-dry mix around them and then placed into the ground for ease of watering and to help minimize heating of the pots in the sun.  Gonna let them grow a year or so before pondering/nailing down a wiring plan for them I think.

King Kong:
15 inches in height is the key. If you want a trunk that scales in well you need to grow, no cutting in my opinion.


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Dangit... and I now recall you mentioning this.  Pics attached and thanks!


--- Quote from: King Kong on September 28, 2009, 08:23 AM ---15 inches in height is the key. If you want a trunk that scales in well you need to grow, no cutting in my opinion.


--- End quote ---

Understood... should I be wiring though for the uprights?  Leave other branches on as sacrifices until I hit 15" and then go from there to wire more and shape/trim?



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