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I figured I would start posting a few of my trees.  All are in development and still need work and time.

This is my first real bonsai, as in the first tree I went out and bought after joining a club and taking workshops.  It is a precumbans nana juniper that I bought from Bob Shimon in 2007.  It had been grown in a pot for ~20 years intending to be a bonsai but with no styling. 

It is the first tree I ever wired, and still has the scars to prove it.  The first pic I have of it is after its first styling which I did with Jim Gremmel. 

The next pic is of the 2008 Redwood Empire show in California.  It still needed to fill in some, but at this point I started to feel like it needed some changes.

I stripped off a lot more bark, and started to feel like I had way too much foliage on it for the slender trunk.  A few months ago I took it to Boon and we removed the majority of the foliage (last pic).  At this point I will let it rest until next summer and then give it another styling.  I am still not sure if I want it to continue to move to the left, or move some branches and make its movement go to the right. 

The deadwood I will put lime-sulfur on and then leave it alone to let the live veins swell.

Rick Moquin:
I would like to see the right side of the tree

The vision in my head has it going to the right as well, but we will see how it looks next summer.


John Kirby:
I love procumbens. One of those good species. I like this tree a lot, looks good and wild.


Thanks John, at the moment its looking a bit like a plucked chicken, but it will fill back out.  I am also a fan of precumbans.  I have a few but this one is the farthest along.  Got any preferences for flowing to the right or left?


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