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Pinus clausa; "FL sand pine"


I just got an extremely good deal on a sand pine. It was collected in 2003, and I will post pictures as soon as I can.
I was wondering if anybody works with these things, or knows where to find some information on them. The only information I really have is what the guy told me who sold it to me, and an article from the 1991 #2 issue of Florida Bonsai.

Here are the pictures. It is skinny, but most pines we have around here have this sort of trunk. I loved the fact that it already had mature bark. The nebari is not good, but for 35$ I couldn't pass it up.

Here is a picture of the front. then some pictures rotating the tree clockwise. I had to take some wire off that was starting to bit in a little bit, but as you can see I decided to leave a piece that was keeping that branch down. The current front, I think, showcases the bends in the trunk the best, but it's sort of hard to capture on film...or whatever is in my camera.

Here are some more pictures of the bark, and a top view. This tree will definitely need some work. But I think it can look very natural and mature in probably just a few years. These back bud very well, and on old wood.

Any thoughts? 

King Kong:
Is this the same pine I see on the coast up around Jupiter growing in the secondary dune zone?


Yes it mostly likely is. Ever collected one?
I'm planning on making it look as much like a Floridian pine that I can. I tend to think we have some of the most impressive pines around here. The ones in the secondary dune zones are just amazing sometimes.


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