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Pine collecting in a Central Florida Sand Scrub

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I have a few more places to go. Hopefully I can find better material. I still can't get to the bald cypress till the bog dries up a bit.I found a little sweetbay magnolia that has nice roots and movement. Yes the leaves are big but they reduce enough for me and I get them to back bud by snapping the trunk and only leaving a strip of cambium to the top of the tree. It works every time.


looks interesting. Please send the results are your efforts continue on. On our side we are testing the Caribbean/Honduran pine.

What is the red stuff - coconut fibre ?
Thanks for posting.
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Hi Anthony . I am from the carribean also. I am from Puerto Rico. I would really like to see the carribean pine. Feel free to add a pick to the thread. I will definitely keep up on the posts.These trees should recover well since they were growing in sand . I was able to get a lot of fine roots and the tap roots were real short. I would like to style my long leaf pine similar too a slash pine I saw on the internet. Here is the

[ have a real name ? ]

I kinda figured Puerto Rico. Yeah, my Brother-in -law [ Khaimraj ] is an IBCer from around 1998/1999, he does the designing, I just weed/water and help with the repotting [ as I just finished reminding Sorce  ;D ] and the photography.

Here are two Caribbean pines, from seed.
Builder's gravel [ silica based ] 5mm and compost.

I will see about getting you two new images.
Both were just thinned and tested for training using the Japanese techniques for Black pines.
The little one in the image is a J.B.pine and J.B.pines grow easily down here.
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Forgot this side -


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