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Pine collecting in a Central Florida Sand Scrub

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What's up guys. One of my client's called me and told me to go by her house .She told me she had a tree growing on her property that she wanted  have. In return I pruned her roses, hawthorns ,boxwoods and  other bushes .

I noticed her 6 1/2 foot Azalea had a crazy amount of suckers at the base. Her Azalea flowers in the spring. So I started pruning them down . So the energy will go elsewhere. I  used my big loppers close to the trunk and cut some suckers and they were rooted. So I removed the pine bark mulch from the base. The mulch is 8to 12 inches deep around the tree. Most of the suckers were rooted because her gardener doesn't remove the mulch before  laying fresh mulch. Thank you gardener. These are just a few.

All of these were "potted" . I put t in the rest in the ground.

The tree had a clump of suckers that fused at the base . I cut them off in one piece. I plan on splitting it when I buy some pots. It has a thick mat of feeder roots a foot long.

Good afternoon:
I have a Sand Pine that I purchased a little over a year ago.  It has been in a Bonsai pot for about three years.  It has been doing very well until about a week ago when the tips of some needles started turning brown and some have died completely and fallen off.  Help ???


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