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Mugo pine dying buds

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Any update? I have been thinking about this and my guess is you don't get a lot of cold weather in Georgia. The Swiss Alps are very cold. esp up high where the mugos grow. I remember it being -10°F in town. It can be humid in the summers in the Alps but winds do dry out the peaks a little.
So my guess/assumption is the tree is not getting its natural winterization.
I have heard many folks repot in the late summer, I do so in the spring, more lime late winter (March) here in California.  My reasoning is we have 100°F days in Aug and Sept with little humidity. But...... I am also super cautious and only root prune 20% at a time.

Here's a little update on this guy.

We had a very hot and very dry summer/fall in GA last year.  I think we were at drought conditions for part of the year.  I ended up moving this guy under some shade cloth and it seemed to do a little bit better.  All in all, I think I lost maybe 10% of the branch tips.

This year the plan is to just water and feed and not mess with it too much until I see noticeable vigor.  Then maybe I'll work some of the leggy branches back in and approach graft some buds closer in to the trunk.

Thanks for the interest,

From your pictures I do not see evidence that the tree is in trouble.  There is a weevil that lays eggs in the unopened buds that can cause this. Just leave the tree alone for a while and give it a chance to grow.  As to grafting I don't do grafting on Mugos and grow a lot them. 


--- Quote from: VanceWood on March 28, 2017, 09:25 AM ---As to grafting I don't do grafting on Mugos and grow a lot them. 
--- End quote ---

Is that because they bud so readily you don't find it necessary, or because you've managed to work around it in your designs?


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