Author Topic: Looking for Juniper Nursery Stock  (Read 2945 times)

Bob in MO

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Looking for Juniper Nursery Stock
« on: May 15, 2013, 02:15 PM »
I'm new to Bonsai and have been reading a lot at various sites. A lot of recommendations say a newbie should start with a Chinese Juniper. So I've started looking. I'm located about 30 miles west of St. Louis. I've been checking at the big box stores and local nurserys. Darned if I can find a Chinese Juniper! Below is a list I found some place that said they would also be acceptable for Bonsai, but can't find them either.

    Dahurian Juniper (J. davurica)
    Sargent’s Juniper (J. sargentii)
    Virginia Juniper (J. virginiana)
    Common juniper (J. communis)
    Hornibrook Juniper (J. communis)
    Japanese Needle Juniper (J. rigida)
    Drooping Juniper (J. recurva)
    Squamata Juniper (J. squamata)
    Juniperus Procumbens Nana
    Japanese Garden Juniper
    Green Mound Juniper

Any suggestions?

Thanks for your help,


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Re: Looking for Juniper Nursery Stock
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2013, 03:57 PM »
Sargent’s Juniper (J. sargentii) is chinesis junipers.  Japanese Garden Juniper and Green Mound Juniper are procumbens.

All on the list should be good.  I don't have a lot of luck at big box stores, but smaller (usually local) garden centers will often have something of use.

Have you checked out any local clubs?  Cass Bonsai Gardens is certainly worth a trip.


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Re: Looking for Juniper Nursery Stock
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2013, 02:15 PM »
Hello Bob:  you might check out Plant City Bonsai in Clermont GA(you can find them on the web  I was just there a couple of weeks ago and Steve, the owner literally has a "sea" of pre bonsai large trunk procumbens junipers---I am not sure if he ships or not but give it a try!  Charles


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Re: Looking for Juniper Nursery Stock
« Reply #3 on: December 03, 2013, 02:36 PM »
Welcome to the site!!!
John is right on. I'm not saying you couldn't get a tree at a big box but.....
Garden centers and big box stores are interested in your business. They will sell the biggest they can for the least they can and still make a dime or two. The trees are not grown with Bonsai in mind.
When shopping with the family I've killed time in the nursery area and looked over they stock. Carefully looking at the root spread and the branch placement.  All this with no desire to purchase. I rarely found anything that I might want to buy. They just do not NEED to carry pre- Bonsai. And yes it is possible.....

Go to a Bonsai Nursery, take the trip. They will have lots and lots of trees in various states of development. Yes, they will cost more but they have been given attention with Bonsai in mind. It is worth the extra cash.

And do we 'assume' you are from MO. You may want to fill out your PROFILE section so others may better be able to help. I live in a small state Vermont. Even here the difference in growing ability is very wide. Those in the southern part of the state are in a completely different grow zone than in the far north. Probably is the same by you. and what is that USDA zone you listed?