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Kurume Azalea project


Still pretty new to the forum, so I'm trying to get a few of my projects up.  This is azalea came out of the front yard (rescued when my wife had other plans for the space).  It had little root when I potted it, so I left it to regain health for a couple of seasons.  Last year I did some selective cut back and this year I pruned a little harder.

I had started to carve a little on the dead central trunk, but I'm thinking it needs to be reduced in height by about half.  I plan to continue to cut back and refine over the next couple of years.

The root spread at the base is about 8" or 9" and I imagine it was probably put in the landscape in the mid-80s when the house was built.


If it were mine (pls note that qualifier) I'd get rid of the deadwood.  It has no place with an azalea. 

That's a very valid point.  For the past couple of years, I've mostly been focused on the horticulture side of things.  Keeping them alive and thriving has been the focus.

I'm posting here to get more feedback about stylistic concerns and develop a better sense of that. Thanks!



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