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Jack pine bonsai.

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M. Frary:
   I thought I would share this tree here.
 A friend that I met on a different forum sent me this tree last year. He is moving to a different country and can't take his trees with him. He knows I've been collecting these trees and wanted to make sure it had a home where it would be taken care of. He gave the rest of the trees to a guy named Dan Robinson. Maybe you've heard of him.
  From research and asking around I gather there aren't many jack pine bonsai. Despite the bonsai kits with the seeds in them.
  I'm open to any information anyone here has on this species. I live in a place where there are literally millions.
  What I do know is they don't like to have their roots messed with too much.
  They will backbud on old wood using mugo/scots techniques.
 Needles also reduce nicely.
  This tree has been in this pot for 5 years. The round pot is nice but I'm not sure I'm liking it for this tree.

This is great. I love Jack Pine in the wild. I'd love to see more as bonsai. I don't have any info on the species but hope it does well.

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M. Frary:
  I have a couple collected ones. We have miles of dirt roads through jack pine forests. They mow the edges with brush hogs so the roads don't get overgrown. In the process trees are chopped every few years.

I have a jack pine of the variety Schoodic.  This is normally a prostrate grower but I got one that was trained up on a stake.  It has done well for 4 years now.  I treat it the same as any other pine I have.  The main objection may be the coarse appearance of the needles.  They are wide than any other pine that I have and so give a "heavier" look to the foliage.

M. Frary:
   This and almost all of my trees came under attack from voles this year. All gone. All the bark was eaten off. Goners.


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