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Hinoki Cypress "Spiralis"

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My son decided we needed a Cypress in our collection so visited our favorite garden nurseries to see what was available last week. He chose a Chamaecyparis obtusa ' Spiralis ' which is a nice dwarf upright Japanese Hinoki Cypress. Deep green leaves on tight stems on an upright narrow plant. The variety was found around 1939 in England. He will be styling it today with a good friend from the club who has several really nice specimens of Hinoki. His young son will be joining us but I think he'll be swimming while the tree is worked on. Here is a before picture of the pre-bonsai stock material in the nursery pot and a closeup of the foliage. JRob

Great material. Please keep us updated.

Sorry all. I forgot to post the after tree from last weekend. Young but not bad for a $10.00 investment on Shimsuki's part. JRob

Thank you for the update, not bad at all. How did you start working on this material considering you could not see any interior structure? Thanks again.

Good question.

What I do when I'm cleaning up nursery material, or overgrown bonsai, is first clean out everything that's dead. Then I take out branches that I know I don't need, such as armpit branches and small branches growing at the bottom of the trunk. Once that is done I can usually see the basic structure of the tree and make design choices based on what I see.



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