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I purchased this tree on the 1st of September and it seems to be doing well. I would like to know how to prune so as to be able to see the trunk of the tree. I will attach pictures.Thanks for your help.


Good start that you have there.  I myself have never worked with a Fukien tea so personal experience I have none

Maybe this will help out though

Thanks. I was hoping to be able to trim leaves away from trunk to make it visible.

I don't have any Fukien Tea either, but you can prune the outlying foliage as well as cleaning up foliage that's obscuring the trunkline.  Let us see what you come up with, ...or if you have specific areas you'd like input on whether you should prune, feel free to ask those questions as well.

Fukien tea can be pruned heavily when needed.  Works good for clip and grow training.  It is a tropical so I would suggest pruning after winter ends unless the tree is actively growing.  This species is sensitive to over and under watering.


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