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Chamaecyparis Obtusa "Nana Bracilis" (Lazy)


Rick Moquin:
This is by far my favourite Hinoki. It has been in training for 4 years. It is far from done but has come along way froom it's hymble beginnings.

Pic 1: circa '05
Pic 2: circa '08
Pic 3: Jul '09

The entire progress of this tree can be seen here.

For folks who know me I have a penchant for the fluidity of Chinese styling vice the rigidity often seen from Japanese origins. This tree received her final styling a couple of days ago. Refining and tweaking in the future will be of the essence. I am pleased with the results from her not so good beginning. Constructive comments always welcomed.

Rick Moquin:

--- Quote from: irene_b on July 04, 2009, 12:17 PM ---Rick I have to tell ya I love it...
The angle planted is very graceful the branch placement is devine..
--- End quote ---
Thanks, you should see this tree in person, there is no comparison. I need to improve my photographic skills 10 fold, I'm not doing my trees justice. Mind you this tree is about 2-3 years from where I am going with it. Branches need to be teweak some more as the foliage fills in. That bottersome branch on the right needs foreshortning and foliage grown to hide it, as with several others as time goes by. But I would never have dreamt that is what laid ahead in '05.

--- Quote ---The health is very evident in the lush growth and color.
--- End quote ---
...ah, my secret recipe  ;)

--- Quote ---Not so fond of the pot. I can visually see this tree in a Lotus shape pot.
Now for the first pic....I love that rawk pot! It rocks  ;D

--- End quote ---
Unfortunately that is her final resting place until something better comes along. Acquiring pots in my neck of the woods is extremely difficult to nearly impossible. Shipping from the US dbles the price of any pot I order and 2.5 times once duty is added on. However, I have a source in Europe that is reasonable and we will be doing business in the future. AAMOF, I have one under commission as we speak, but not for this tree. Do ya think it can grow on you? ;D

Unfortunately the rock is no more... If I still had it I would have sent it to ya for free, minus shipping of course.

Rick Moquin:

--- Quote from: irene_b on July 04, 2009, 01:09 PM ---Share the secret Rick....


--- End quote ---
I didn't share that with you this week?
This was written some time ago, and some repetition is found but, 3/4 down you'll find my program (click on the pics and they get bigger) save them for yourself if you wish. "Would you like fries with that?"


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