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Bristlecone Pines?

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M. Frary:
  Hello. I just bought a Bristle cone Pine the other day and was wondering if someone knew anything about them. I checked them out a little on the inter web. I found some pics that shows them as bonsai. Maybe someone can set me on the right path.
 1. When to transplant or do root work.
 2  When to prune.
 3. When to candle pinch and needle pluck.
 Pretty much everything. I'll try to get some pics posted soon.
    Thank you.

M. Frary:
 Here is a picture of said Bristlecone pine.

So, why wouldn't you treat it like a white pine or at least start there?

Repot spring (when buds begin to swell)
Pinch candles (break off tips) to balance across tree after they've begun elongating in spring.
After new shoots have hardened, cut back new growth to 3 to 5 rows of fascicles (primary inducer of back budding)
Thin foliage / pluck needles in fall / early winter; prune to 'chase back the foliage'.

Branches are largely autonomous, so you can attempt variations on this theme on individual branches to learn your pine's responses.

M. Frary:
  Here she is again this year. It made it through the winter just fine
sitting on the ground. Its one slow tree. The buds are just about to open now.
 One of the things I've learned about this tree is that it likes to dry out between waterings. I put it in this collander this spring. The substrate is half Napa floor dry and half turkey grit so it doesn't stay moist. It seems to love it and this way I can water every day and not worry.
 This fall I will be cutting the last part of the top off. Down 2 more whirls. I didn't want to cut off too much the first time so I'm doing it in stages.

M. Frary:
  See what I'm saying? Now you would think someone here would have something to say about this. How many of these do you see?


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