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Boulevard Cypress Ideas
« on: February 14, 2012, 10:14 AM »
Since that other thread discussing my trees purchased last fall is a bit long.  I thought I'd start a new thread.  I've given it some more thought after Adair asked me about it.  Then I found Sketchbook Pro for the ipad.  So I made a virt from Matsu's idea of cutting down the second trunk.  The virts using just the single trunk I didn't like.  So I'm posting the tree after the wiring job last Nov, and my very first virt...I know it's lame but it's a start for me ;)  So, what do you all think of my virt, any other ideas you all might have would be great to hear.  (I didn't realize till the virt was done that when I changed the planting angle, I forgot to put the 'pot' horizontal...still learning lol
Thanks Everyone!