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I have an Austrian pine. I did nothing to it last year as I got it late last year. I did notice the trunk has a rather large gap as seen in the photos. How should I proceed ,also the tree seems to have large whorls. Michigan is warmed up enough that I can start working on the pine. Anyadvice would be welcome.

You wil get backbudding on that trunk section. There are still some needles.
Feed it well and provide lots of sunshine. Let it grow unrestricted all year. Then next year, early summer, just after the needles are out and begin toharden off, cut back hard into old needles. Cut back into this years needles, but also into the 2014 needles, where these are present and looking fresh. You'll gett backbudding all over your tree. These buds will then start to grow in the following year. Be carefull with these buds as most of them will be 'needlebuds' and come of very easy.

Confrats on your tree! Pinus Nigra is a great tree.

I cleaned the tree up a bit to let the sunlight into the inside. It looks like a trunk chop will be needed. Im thinking the cut should be above the second whorl. The very top has 10 branches coming out of the trunk if no trunk chop is needed I will have to reduce this to no more than 3.


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