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Austrian Black Pine

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This is not exactly bonsai but I found this tree marked down 75% at a local Sears.  It was pretty much just a Christmas tree when I started...  I have not really known what I was doing over the last 3 years but its been fun and I think the tree has responded well.  Here are a couple of pics...please go easy on me...I fully realize that this tree breaks most of the design guidelines we usually follow in bonsai. 

This tree is about 5', Irene.

Rick Moquin:
How long has it been in trg?


--- Quote from: Rick Moquin on July 03, 2009, 07:49 AM ---How long has it been in trg?

--- End quote ---

As I stated in the original post 3 seasons/years.

Rick Moquin:
Oooooops! How did I miss that.

You know John if the Asians can do it so can you. (reminds me of Yan can cook LOL) Do you plan on continuing on that venue?


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