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Another Yew


My wife's cousin organized a cousin's weekend at our house a few weeks ago, then told us about it.  So to give myself some way to hide from the 10 women who descended on our house I found this on sale at a local hardware store that sells plants in the summer.

I slipped it into this pot as it was tall and wide enough to accommodate the root ball without disturbing it much.  I plan on having some jin and shari on the right and it will need tilted to the left about 20 degrees but I'm going to let it recover for now.

Here's a before and after.

Not a bad way to avoid the women.  Based on the size of the trunk, I think you could make a nice small tree if you can get the foliage to cooperate.  I don't know anything about yew, so I can't help with that.  I would build the entire tree from what is on the right hand side.  In the meantime, come spring I would chop everythin on the left down as far as I could without removing all the green from any branch.  Hopefully then you might get some back budding close to the trunk. I'll see if I can make a virt of what I see.


edit, virtual:  top left branch bent down from current apex.  The foliage in the black circle is untouched from original picture, and I would use that to grow the new apex.  The bottom left foliage would hopefully come from the induced back budding.  Plenty of options to refine some nice deadwood amongst the foliage.

Thanks for the virt, I've got plenty of time between now and spring to decide where to go with this and I'll keep your ideas in mind.


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