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A little work on a couple of Camphor Trees that I collected last year.

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Camphor Trees are highly invasive here. I collected a few last year. They recover fast and are pretty aggressive  . I chopped the trunks AndI prepped them for groundlayering .

I wrapped the top with a foam strip and placed a collar to guide the branches straight and quicken the healing Wound.  Well I imagine it will if I get grwth up there.

I haven't  put a collar on this one. I'll put something  on tomorrow.

Camphor seems to back bud easily but young trees seem to backbud at its base. Let's see what happens. My neighbors tree was pruned last year and all the wounds have healed but one.It has a quarter sized  space to fill.

Very interesting

I have never seen a Foam Strip and Collar before.

Make sure you keep this going.  Would love to see how it works out.


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