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What are the benefits of Misting?

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You'll notice the newly collected material at Boon's is mostly in the shade and looks to get hit with the hose fairly often.

Shhh, don't tell anyone, here's my setup:

http://www.dripworksusa.com/store/sprayer.php (Black Mini Jet, 180 Degree)

About 4 sprayers per 8 foot bench work great.  Set on the timer 2 or 3 times a day for about a minute during the growing season works great for me.  I work too far from home to come home and hand water during the day, so this keeps everything pretty well watered.  I'll hand water in the morning and/or afternoon those that look like they need it. 

Using the valve stakes:
I can increase or decrease the water per bench, etc.  These particular sprayers put out a pretty fine mist that my trees seem to enjoy.

Ask Peter about his setup.  He was talking about it last week.  Sounds pretty neat, if you have bad water that is.

John Kirby:
Yeah, what he said. I find that putting up a wind break (5'high plastic) and shade cloth keeps the moisture up high enough to avoid drying out. This also works for trees that have been worked really, really hard in the summer or just grafted.....

(I gradurbated a while back, still go out regularly for the abuse and good company.....)


--- Quote from: John Kirby on November 04, 2009, 05:35 PM ---(I gradurbated a while back, still go out regularly for the abuse and good company.....)

--- End quote ---

You enjoy the abuse.   ;D

The california juniper is a very adaptable plant. having experience collecting them I can speak a little about misting. Freshly dug trees need daily misting sometimes as much as possible during the day for the first few months.

In the desert it's a wonder these plants do not die but seem to thrive. Why is that? Rain comes maybe a few months a year and that can be as little a two inches per year. Way too small amount to keep a plant alive that can be as large as a house. While these plants can grow root systems hundreds of yards from the plant, they do a poor job of growing downward to find water. The plant has adapted too getting it's water during these dry times thru its leaves. while the desert is hot by day it can be very cold at night, even in the summer time. With no vast acres of blacktop to absorb energy like a city, the barron desert will cool down very fast.

One thing the desert does have is condensation. The one thing that keeps many plants alive in the desert. flutes on barrel cactus is not there because it looks pretty, it's there because as the condensation drips down the barrel shaped furrows directs the water right down to the bottom of the plant and near it's roots. Pretty ingenous.

During periods of rain and continual water(as in bonsai) the plant will revert back to fullfilling it's watering needs thru the roots like any other plant. This may be why these plants do so well in captivity and in pots. They like water! After its grown a substantial amount of new roots the plant does not need the misting anymore. I have never misted any of mine for over 7 years since they were dug.



       Do you have pictures of your watering system, how you attach the stakes to the bench,

       Thank you



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