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Western Juniper

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Nice.  I really like Western Junipers.  Any idea why such lackluster bidding?  Looks good in 2D.

Adair M:
Wow!  That looks like a good one to me!  If THAT didn't draw any bids, there must have been some incredible trees in the auction!

winner winner chicken dinner!

Jason E:
Thanks everyone for the replies. Not sure why this one went so cheap?
 I haven't done anything to it other than clean up the deadwood a bit.
We had over 80 trees this year, a lot of nice trees. Some nice trees went low and some surprised you at going so high.

John Kirby:
Do you see  Many Western/Sierra Junipers in the area? They really seem to like warm/hot dry summers of the mountains and high desert environments. I have a couple in California, not sure how they would fo ungrafted here in the fungus belt.


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