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Dan W.:
Michael Hagedorn has a couple in Portland that seem to have done well for him. I don't know about any others though.

John Kirby:
Hi Dan, Portland and where Michael lives has very dry summers, at least very low humidity. And almost no rain between Early May and October-november. I went to High School about 40 Miles from Portland. Those of us in Humid places have irher issues to deal with.

Jason E:

--- Quote from: John Kirby on July 10, 2014, 05:34 AM ---Do you see  Many Western/Sierra Junipers in the area? They really seem to like warm/hot dry summers of the mountains and high desert environments. I have a couple in California, not sure how they would fo ungrafted here in the fungus belt.

--- End quote ---

not really. A fair amount of RMJ though, with mixed results on foliage quality. That may be just the difference in individual plants, not environment. They do have a bit more heat South in Portland area,  the PNW is actually one of the drier places in the country this time of year, believe it or not.


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