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John Kirby:
Another North American Juniper species. This tree was collected in 1975 by John Miller, one of the great pioneering member of Texas bonsai, who is still an active force in the state. The tree was very carefully handled and the clay it was growing in was gradually reduced over the years. Marc Noelanders styled the tree as a slant during the LSBF Texas Tour in 2005. I purchased the tree in 2007 at the LSBF show in Dallas from the host club. I wanted to make the tree more of an upright, and when Mike Hagedorn visited in 2008 he went even more radically upright than I had seen. Plus with very careful  work on defining the lifeline and deadwood, went from a rather diffuse and broad lifeline, to the slender and popping one the tree has now. Currently we are working to balance the growth between the very aggressively growing top and the slower growing bottom branches. It will be plucked again over the next couple of weeks.


Nice tree ! It illustrates what can be done with this species as it is as nice as most RMJs out there. Good to see something native to Texas.

Nice John!  Doesn't this species compare more to California Juniper than RMJ?  I believe I am right in saying that Arthur Joura at the NC Arboretum has been working with an Ashe Juniper for a number of years now.  I think it is probably a similar scale to this tree.  I lived in Monroe, Louisiana for a number of years...is your humidity about the same?
THanks for posting!

John Kirby:
Updated before and after of this tree after it was worked on by Peter Tea an artist and friend from California. I think Peter did a marvelous job.

Wow.  That's one of the nicest native junipers I've seen.  I like the most recent styling as well.  What's with the coloration in the apex of the tree?


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