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Texas Ashe Juniper

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Very Nice!

If I went out looking for this tree, how do I distinguish it from the Eastern Red Cedars all over Missouri?


John Kirby:
Wayne, the coloration is due to pollen cones. Peter told me that the tree was completely covered with them a couple of weeks ago and it was a solid cloud of pollen when touched. They are clearing up rather quickly.

Andrew, the foliage is more compact and upright than on J. virginiana, and the foliage has another attribute as well. if you crush the foliage between the thumb and forefinger it has a much stronger smell than the Eastern Red Cedar. I know folks who call the ERC  cat pee junipers because of their smell, the Ashe Juniper would be called a "concentrated cat pee" juniper.

Hope this helps,

John Kirby:
Just a quick note, here is the tree after it was styled in February 2008 by Mike Hagedorn, it has a bit of flash shadow. with the reduced foliage mass the trunk is very interesting from this angle. John

Peter Tea:
Nice tree ;)

I'm still sneezing from the pollen.  LOL

Since you're here Peter, why'd you choose this front over the one Mike chose?


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