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Texas Ash Juniper

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This is a big one.  An old timer gave Mr. and Mrs. Smith a large ash juniper. 
We repotted and put it in Boon Mix 2 years ago.  We bare root the front half of the rootball.  It recovered very quickly. We let it grow for the whole year. We removed old needle and lightly prune in October.   In July, we did some heavy bending on the top of the tree and also the slant trunk.  then let it grow again.
Last fall Oct, 2009, we wired the whole tree.  it grew strong.
the picture from all 4 sides

We removed old needles before wiring.  Old weak branches and old long branches were removed

After it grew strong, new buds will grow in the interior.  they are kept and let grow.  now it is stong enough to take over.  We can cut off long branches.
Mr. Smith held the paper
close up of the branches
after cutting long branches off. (Cut back)

this will rejuvenate the tree and help keeping it compact

close up on the branch that was cut back
Mrs. Smith worked on the tree.

close up pic of the structure of the pad from above.  we have branches on both left and right and top of the branch


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