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Sierra and CA Junipers collected this spring

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Hey Guys I figured I would share this picture of a few of the trees I collected this spring.  They are not all adjusted to a perfect angle, but I'm happy with what I have collected.  I apologize, but I would not like to discuss any locations about where I collected-I feel that's better for everyone. 

Looks like a good haul.  I understand the reluctance to share too many details, but I would enjoy all you're comfortable sharing (found this one under a rock, falling down a hill, was able to collect _% roots, etc.).  The one box in back looks.... interesting.

Also, I would like to see some individual shots if possible.

Okay:) The two Sierra junipers were both what I would call Pocket trees.  They were growing on granite in cracks where soil had collected. The smaller of the two had a super flat mat of roots and I used pry bars to get under the root mass.  I got so many roots with the smaller one I actually cut some excess off, the mat of roots was almost two feet long on one side.  This tree could fit in a bonsai pot right now if I wanted.   

The largest tree had two large heavy roots growing in both directions.  If I would have cut them off, there would not be enough roots to support the tree.  I made the half coffin shaped box to fit the long roots.  I drilled hundreds of small holes in the box for more air circulation.  After building this box and putting the tree in I could have made it a bit tighter.  Yes this is an weird tree, but I like it.  It can be a double trunk or you could separate the two and make two trees.  I plan to either root graft near the base or maybe layer so I can get rid of the long roots and fit it in a pot. 

The smaller CA was dug from more of a sandy/shale type situation.  I was able to get a root ball and I kept a lot of native soil, but exposed the ends of the roots so they were in pumice. 

I had all three under misters for the first few months, but now they are on my benches and seem to be doing well.  I use sifted pumice with a bit of charcoal and the Andy Smith Collecting Wild Trees DVD really helped me to learn to collect.       

Nice work. I'm jealous.

How is your doing Dwight?


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