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This is the first tree I bought from Andy Smith.  I first nice tree.  It was collected in '07 I bought it in feb of '08.  It was wired when I bought it.  In spring however some branches started dying.  I took the wires off. And let it grow. It was heavily fertilized this year.  I am ready to wire it and style it.  I believe RMJ3 is my favorite front.  I was thinking of having the jin as the apex, with the foilage towards the back.       andy

John Kirby:
Hi again, I guess the first step is to clean it up, remove the bark and see what is hiding underneath, clean off the dead foliage and the wimpy little thread like growth. Then, if you are unsure about which branches to remove, then just wire them all down, not wimpy weeping willow arches, but acute wiring down. This will give you a framework to start from. Best of luck,

(not bad for an iPhone post from Denver Int


  Thanks for the comments.  Actually though I was thinking of leaving the bark on the tree.  I kinda like the look of it. andy

John Kirby:
Cool, by the way the bark grows back within a year. Knowing where the lifeline is,  Priceless. Best of luck with your plant. John

Rick Moquin:
Nice hunk of stock. I support John wtr the bark and RMJ2 IMO is your best front and the lifeline is also clearly visible from that angle, which is also highly desirable (to be seen from the front)


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