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Thanks Rick.   I was just looking at my post again that was the front I was looking for.  I dont know why I said the 3rd.   

I removed the bark today.  Do I need to take more off?    Let me know if Im going in the rigt direction.      andy

Hey Andy,
So it may just be the picture, but it looks like you took ALL the bark off the tree.  The above posters were suggesting removing the sections of bark that were dead and dried up, not the living tissue.  Hopfully its just the pic, as if all the bark was removed the tree will die.


I hope you are wrong.    I took some new pics.   andy

John Kirby:
It looks fine. OK, identify the deadwood areas, such as under the Jin, and any other spots that can be made into shari. You can likely see the vein or swollen area that feeds the branches, it may show as a slight swelling around the dead areas. You can also now define (cut in with a sharp blade)  smaller thin, vertical areas where you would like to have shari. and then allow them and the tree to sit. You can also now decide to wire branches , in order to pull them down to strengthen the buds and foliage that is closer to the trunk.



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