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John Kirby:
Hi Andrew,
I was wondering what the purpose of the wire is? Do you really want the branches to be straight and level with the ground, or do you want them to be pushed down? with the aluminum wire and the tight spirals (Boon always got after me about this...) you cant really get the wire to hold the branches in the correct position. You may want to wrap wires around the pot and then guy wire the branches down a bit, attaching he guy wires to the branches and then wires on the pot. also, it is good to reflect the gentle movement in the trunk with movement in the branches, and you will need to keep a close eye on the wire, RMJ do not always grow real fast, but they can thicken up and tight wire will bite in. Having dealt with many wire scars over the years, please avoid on junipers if possible.


Thanks for the info John.  Ill take the wire off and do guy wires this saturday.     andy

John Kirby:
Andrew, sorry I wasn't clear, probably jet lag... Leave the wire on, just watch it especially next spring when the tree pushes new growth. You can use this wire to protect the branches when you guy wire them down. Make sense? This is one of the reasons many folks use copper when  they can, it gives them a ot of holding power with fairly small wire.



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