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I picked this one up at the Cinci White Elephant Sale last night.  I'm not sure why, but I was the only bidder on this tree in the silent auction.  Seems that was the case for several of the trees.

If I remember correctly, this one was purchased from Andy Smith and styled by Danny Use.

Though incredibly healthy, it's shaky in the mica pot (poorly wired in).  It will definitely be repotted next Spring.  The main heavy wiring looks to be ok, although it was wrapped in some kind of tape before wiring.  The fine wiring is a mess, and I'm not sure who or when this was done.  It will be rewired soon.

That's a really cool tree, John.

does all the foliage come from the upper trunk, and the lower trunk is just jin?  Or is the lower trunk alive?

- bob

Thanks Andrew.

Bob, there's foliage at each level on each branch all along the way.  There's plenty of jin and shari, too.  What looks like a big bend down at the top is actually a big bend up!  It looks like the tree was a natural "C" shape with the top splitting to a "Y", part of which was bent up to form the apex.

I'll try to email the original owner to get more info on the tree.  I forgot to ask when all this was done.  Someone mentioned MABA at the sale, and Danny Use was there in 2008, but I'm not sure it was the owner of this tree, nor if it was in fact Danny.  I'll try to confirm and post back.


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