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The lack of bids may be due to the significant inverse taper at the base of the trunk. That's a hard thing to overcome....

John Kirby:
Actually Mark, shouldn't be hard. Kill one of the trunks carve the deadwood and make it less apparent. Last I checked the deadwood style junipers (even in Japan) frequently have inverse taper and are still considered beautiful.I told John in a private email that I would graft it. I would also shorten it and develop the dead wood.



--- Quote from: rockm on September 18, 2010, 01:05 PM ---The lack of bids may be due to the significant inverse taper at the base of the trunk. That's a hard thing to overcome....

--- End quote ---

Fair enough.  Though, that's not really a concern for a several hundred year old collected tree.  You get what you get.  Besides, it's only inverse from certain sides.  It's significantly wide (and flat) from other sides.

I spent some time with the tree this afternoon.  I've cleaned up the bark, took off the (awful) wire, and cleaned the top inch or so of soil.  I even applied lime sulfur to some of the deadwood.  

First and foremost it needs to repotted into better soil.  It looks like the current soil is a mix of mountain dirt and pine bark mix soil.  Neither is something I'm particularly happy with, so it will repotted in Spring.  Regular mix with some more pumice added, at John Kirby's suggestion.

Once I figure out if I can remove the super long roots on either sides (or back and front, depending).  After that, or at that time, perhaps shorten, perhaps lean, or something else altogether.

I'll try to get a better photo with a clean background if anyone is interested in doing a virtual or two.

When Peter Tea was here we took a look at the RMJ.  Not much was done other than repotting and removal of some unnecessary branches.  As expected, the roots were way at the ends on either side of the pot, off of two very long roots.  New Zealand Sphagnum Moss has been mounded up close to the trunk in hopes that roots will sprout and I can remove the long/thick stuff.  If not, I've already got a few whips for root grafts.  At least it's out of the nasty soil the previous owner had it in.  It's also tied tighter (better) into the pot, which should help.



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