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repotting a needle juniper

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any advice on repotting needle juniper as i have one that is going to need repotting this coming spring and i don't want to loose this tree. i've heard these trees are very sensitive to repotting please give some advise

John Kirby:
Picture, size and how long since it has been repotted? just being nosey.

You might want to check out Boon's repotting video.  Great info and it's easy to follow along with him to make sure you are repotting correctly.  Depending on the state the tree is in, repotting may be different with what type of soil and container you will use.  A picture would be good so more help can be given.   

i know how to repot trees as i have done numerous repots but needle juniper is a sensitive tree to repot

Owen Reich:
Juniperus rigida are always repotted almost last here.   The needle juniper is on the tail end of our repotting season (early Spring) as follows:

Pseudocydonia - Beech - Ume - most other deciduous (as buds pop) - Shimpaku and most other conifers - Chamaecyparis and Cryptomeria (after leaves green up) - Juniperus rigida (as first buds swell) - Gardenias and Camellias - Tropicals.

They do not like to have their roots disturbed when it's cold (that is true for us in Osaka).  Many needle junipers have died from repotting too early; maybe just feeble looking at first, but by mid-summer, toast. 

Sounds like I need to watch Boon's DVD's.....  It's good to have insight into the quirks of plants in your climate zone.  Nashville is anything but like San Francisco though  :-\.


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