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My First RMJ

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I've waited a yr to get a nice RMJ from A. Smith.  He sent me this pic, and I loved it.  He's bringing it to the Midwest show for me in a couple wks.  Collected in '09.


Chrisl, would it be rude to ask what that puppy set you back? 

If so ...say mind your own beezwax big d..
.just wondering

Jason E:
awsome chris, looks great!
have fun.


Thanks Jason, I'm counting down the days now till the show starts and Andy brings me the tree lol  Btw, I like both the Pondy and the Azalea you're looking at.  For me, I'd go with the Pondy as Azaleas are very labor intensive, and sensitive to weather temps...which might not be a problem for you though in  Seattle.

Dave, I know many who don't like to say, but I'm not one of them.  It helps others I think, to put a value on bonsais, in seeing if they can afford something similar.  I paid $950.

Well, I just found out that a PP I bought last Dec from Jim Doyle died from this summers heat (he was going to bring it to our show for me as it didn't fit in my car)  So I told Andy that I wasn't going to get his tree and apologized profusely as I didn't know.  But with the credit I had, this RMJ was the same price as Andy's.  Very different trees.


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