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Good Afternoon All,

Thought you might enjoy seeing a Rocky Mountain Juniper that I purchased from Andy Smith this past spring and will be working on this winter and repot in the spring. I am excited about working on the deadwood. It is something I've not done before. The tree is estimated to be 375 years old and was collected in the spring of 2007.


Cool looking tree.  You've got a nice collection :)


Any update on this one?  Have you done any more work on it this winter? 


Here is a current picture. The tree was repotted last month for the first time since it was collected. I worked on it in our study group with Michael Hagedorn. Only 1/2 of the root ball was worked this time. After much thought and discussion the tree will become a cascade over time. The rootball will be worked over time to drop the canopy even lower and stand the deadwood up even more. The current pot is a Sara Rayner and is not the final choice. I will work hard this year to get the tree happy and reduce the stress form the move to St. Louis and hopefully start reverting back to mature foliage. I will begin to carve the deadwood this year with Michaels help.


Nice little tree, I like it alot better with this new angle, good job.

how do they estimate it to be 375 years, as opposed to 350 or 400 - can we get that precise?  Just curious, as I also have some collected trees and everyone always asks how old they are and I don't have the foggiest.

- bob


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