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John Kirby:
Andy's site speaks to how he applies a guesstimate for age- it works prety well.

I saw this tree at Andy's the year after he collected it, I bought a couple of larger "medium sized" junipers from him, but wondered where this tree had moved to. Should make a very nice little tree.


Good Evening All,

After seeing the Chicago Show and the tree that took the 1st Prize Professional  a really spectacular RMJ I thought I'd update this thread and bring the trees history up-to-date.

The first picture was taken last September after its initial styling.

The second & third pictures were taken tonight a year later.

Spring 2013 the tree will be repotted since it is so healthy to bring it into is final cascade position and the remaining half of the original collect root ball worked. I have selected a really nice antique japanese pot. My teacher and I will make the final choice after its root ball is worked. I am afraid my selection may be one size to small - we'll see. The tree has done really well and show no sign of stress in spite of the really hot summer.

Regards to all,


Dave Murphy:
Wow, that's a great tree, very healthy and ready for more work!  I love RMJ, and they seem unphased by hot weather.  My trees seem to grow year round down here in N. GA, whether it's over 90F or under 30F.  Looking forward to future updates, this one will be a show stopper.

Dan W.:
Looking great JRob! I'm also looking forwarg to seeing this one progress.  :)

-- I'm interested in seeing the RMJ you mentioned took 1st in Chicago as well...any idea where I could find pics?

Good Evening All,

This tree was repotted yesterday. During the repotting I cleaned the other side of the root ball of the original collected soil. After talking with Hagedorn and reviewing options we may change our original plans and reverse the front.



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