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Juniperus scopulorum

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Beautiful tree and great development.

Question please - what type of aftercare will you provide the tree? Just keep it from low temps?

In my (maybe incorrect) understanding it's a bit early to repot junipers. Waht is your opinion on this? Did you have to repot a bit early in order to be able to meet with your teacher?

Anyway, could you please explain this point to me (specifically timing)? I have to repot a sabina and Parsonii and my region is warmer than yours.

These are both in 3 gallon cans in nursery soil, one has been in the container for a long time, the other a very long time. I plan to cut off approx 1/3 of the root ball and replace 1/2 of the remaining soil. Both plants are healthy.

Thank you.


central MD 7a

Owen Reich:
My vote is to switch the front :).  Much more interesting lines in the deadwood and more drama.

I agree with Owen, I like the back better.  Looks very healthy and robust ;)  Thanks Rob for the update.

Evening All,

Just out of winter storage. Good growth last year. Pushed tons of juvenile foliage which I cleaned up last fall. Tons of new mature growth pushing. Needs a good wiring and styling this year. Here is a current picture snapped a two days ago when i pulled them into the garage to not expose them to two freezing nights. JRob


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