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How about my Parsons Juniper?

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M. Frary:
  I purchased this juniper this spring. It was in a 3 gallon bucket when I got it. Took it home cut the longer leads back,cut roots and shoved it into the collander . I tipped it forward some. Next year I'm tipping it forward some more as well as tilting it to the left.

That's a lot of trunks.  What're your plans?

M. Frary:
  Not totally sure yet. One thing for sure is there is a lot of options. I'm going to keep the trunk that lays horizontal to the right. The one on the left I'll probably jin. As for what I'll do with the center portion? That's the part I'm not sure what I'll do with.
  As for this year I'm just going to let it grow and look at it hard.

Charles Willis:
My initial thought from the picture is to tilt it over to the right and make a cascade out of it. Not sure how you could incorporate the other trunks in it as deadwood. To just eliminate them would seem like such a waste.

M. Frary:
  I think probably there will be a lot of dead wood when I'm through. It's just a matter of deciding what wood will die. Rob(October) thought that tilting for a cascade might be the way to go also. I'm not sure about cascade bonsai though. It seems like it might be as hard to pull off as a good windswept stilyle tree.


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