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How about my Parsons Juniper?

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John Kirby:
So the question I always ask, myself and others, is what was so compelling about this tree that you felt like you had to own it?

I can't guess as to what that is from the picture. There are lot's of good bonsai developed from nursery can stock. However this will be a bit of a challenge. I would suggest reducing the foliage on the straight trunk by half, fertilizing the tree well and then reducing the tree over time.

One of the best ways to make small juniper bonsai is to grow them yourself from cuttings. They root easily in perlite and sphagnum, can be bent easily with aluminum wire, and then developed over a few years to nice trees. A six in h tall tree needs a lot smaller trunk to be convincing than a 3-4 footer.

Good luck


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