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Leo in NE Illinois:
lots of old character there. A real "design opportunity to figure out how to display it. You chose an interesting tree with lots of possibilities.

If it were my tree, I would not do anything other than try to get it fully established and pumped up with vigor, before styling it. If I read it right, you think it may have been collected in 2013. I would hesitate to do anything for at least 2 or 3 years, and would even feel giving it 5 years to establish and become vigorous to be reasonable. During this time you will be able to get familiar with it, and a good design for it may become obvious.

I've killed a couple Ponderosa pine yamadori, by rushing to style them. My new approach for my newest Ponderosa will be to leave it alone. Make sure it is healthy. Repot into my familar media then let it recover 2 years after the repotting. Trees over 100 years old just do not respond the way seedlings would. They need time to get growing.


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