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Demo/Raffle Tree, Western Juniper

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John Kirby:
Boon and his Senior, Daisaku Nomoto, joined in and did a demonstration styling of this kifu/chuhin sized Western Juniper yesterday at Lake Merritt, in Oakland. They did a nice presentation with Jonas (aka bonsaitonight.com) doing the commentary. I bought my usual $20 worth of raffle tickets and let John Thompson (best known for his excellent work with and collecting of native oaks), sell me a second $20 worth. Well, Won the raffle with the first ticket of the second set. Here is a picture of the tree with Boon and Daisaku. Will post some tree pictures my next trip out to work trees.


Awesome.  Congrats John.  Any more pictures from the demo?

thuan L.:
Niiice tree way to go!

Dan W.:
I'll give you $50 for it! ;)

Really nice tree with a great beginning story! :)


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