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Deadwood juniper.

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This California juniper was dug in Jan. of 2006. I was digging with Harry Hirao and he took us to a place that was not used by clubs. Harry has a few places that he reserves for himself and friends. The recent picture I posted of the C. juniper in the three point display was also taken on this trip. It was a tree I tripped over while collecting this tree. I had dug this tree and was coming down the mountain and tripped over this runt of a juniper and sent my tree and tools flying half way down the hill.

I will show some pictures of the tree as a progression over the past three years. This was the front and back after being potted a year later.

This last pic shows the tree with better foliage later in the early summer in May.

By fall of 2007 the tree had been wired twice and was ready for winter.

In 2008 I bought this smaller pot for the tree. At the time I felt it would be good for the tree but now I need a better pot, this one does not do it justice as you will see shortly.

Spring 2009 and the tree is doing quite well. I felt that the foliage is doing well and constant piching is gaining hold. I decide to leave the small branches near the bottom for future ideas but they are weak and do not grow nearly as fast as the top.

This picture was taken while building the shoji screens for the Toko-Kazari contest.


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