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Weeds ? Those are future accent plants !


--- Quote from: MatsuBonsai on July 21, 2009, 07:18 PM ---Al,

First and foremost, pull all the weeds.  :)  Then, a good wiring job to bring the branches/foliage in to frame the trunk?

--- End quote ---

I was waitin for that. I know I had that comin too.  Hey weeds grow very well here. In fact they will grow that fast in about 5 days. Kidney stones cramped my style for a wekk on this one but I think this weekend I may hit it hard. Only supposed to be 109 Sat. Thats a cool down from last week!

Al, I'm still holding my breath.   :-X

What are you doing with this tree?


Any update on this one?  I hope the weather (and stones) are treating you well.

Al is in zen mode these days.  He is taking a vacation from computers.  I'm not sure when he will plug in.


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