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Yes, you can airlayer California Juniper.  this tree has been in training for over 20 years.  i have seen it since i started bonsai 24 years ago.  my student bought this tree from Grove Way nursery.  i styled it in 1998 before it was sold.

We discussed the future of this tree as a tall tree.  we probably should grow new long branch hanging down inside the curve to make it more interesting.  unfortunately that suitable branch was weak.  it will take a long time before we can achieve that.  we decide to make 2 trees out of this.  we grafted shimpaku on the lower part of the trunk and air layer the top part. it will be a semi cascade.  we did check the root on the top last year and it  has some good root but we feel it is not quite enough and the graft was doing well but not safe to separate yet.  so we wait one more year

2 years has passed.  now it is fun time. 

it is 2 years project.  last year it grow so strongly and the pot broke.  it did not have any defect.  one day it just broke.  Yamaaki pot.  we tied it with wire for over a year and watched it carefully.

you can see the growth ring.  after the cut we put cutpaste on the fresh part of the live bark and fresh wood.  we will carve it after it get established in a new pot.

should i call it a half Californian and half Chinese (Chinensis).  LOL

John Romano:
Nice Boon!
I know that this is not a shohin now but that is how Mr. Kawabe makes REALLY OLD shohin bonsai - he airlayers sections of his ancient shimpaku junipers.  He showed us some when we were there with Jun in November.  400-800 year old wood will last a lot longer than 25-50 year old wood.  It is much tighter.

yes, i agree.  Mr Kawabe is a great guy.  we visited him 3 times.  we asked a lot of question and he happily answered them all.

I lost count around 23 rings.


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