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Big Western

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I feel kinda dumb.  When I first looked at the pics I was thinking this tree had been field grown and carved.  Not sure why that got stuck in my head. 

With it being collected and the deadwood being natural, you just roll with what the tree has.  I think I have seen a couple Junipers where the drastic wrap was done, and the finished product looks nice. 

I really like the trunk in the new raised position it is in over the horizontal position it was in.  It feels very stable this way. 


John Kirby:
That is cool, I was just trying to be a bit of a rabble rouser. Trying o get folks to post trees, regardless of how far along in their  development they are. Excited about school getting ready to start?

I am, both looking forward to school and posting some trees.  I am gonna start on monday with a little side research while we get my main project rolling.  ATM I am applying for NSF grants, so doing a lot of writing.  On the posting front, I put up my juniper and I have a few other I want to post pics of.  I will see if I can get several posted by the weekend. 


John Kirby:
Excellent. What program at NSF? I have benefitted from their good favors over my career.

I am applying for one of the 3 year graduate fellowships for Geosciences.  I am technically in the Geology dept at Umich, but my advisor had appointments with their microbiology/ecology dept as well.  When you get a chance send me some info about your company, I love reading about what my friends in science are doing.


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