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Big Western

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I saw Googlebot looking at this thread, so I thought I would revive it.

I enjoyed seeing this in person in October, but don't think I got any pictures, as it was tucked away in a different part of the yard.  It looked like a completely different tree.  What/when are the next steps?  Are you going to bring this one home any time soon?

Don Blackmond:
great trunk.  very robust.

John Kirby:
It is doing well and popped back after the work. It was repotted in early March, was ale to get 80% of the adjustment in planting angle completed, the rest will have to come in two years when it is repotted again. Didn't hve a deeper pot at Boon's that was big enough, this pot is 8" or so deep.



Did not see the species listed or did I just miss it?


John Kirby:
western=Western Juniper (Juniperus occidentalis) the blue version of this species s called Sierra Juniper. Hybridizes with numerous species in its range, including California Juniper.



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