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Big California Juniper

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John Kirby:
Was great to see you and the awesome Junipers you have collected. I owe you for the strong back and great attitude as well. Thanks!

Wow, that would be a worthy tree for the artisans cup. Can't wait to see how the restyle looks.

Don Blackmond:
That's a big beauty.  Great trunk.  A lot of presence. 

I am interested to see it restyled and in its prepped state.  Its going to be gorgeous.  I'm also interested to see how they handle those poodle tail drop branches

John Kirby:
They? Sorry just me. we'll see how it does.

Don Blackmond:

--- Quote from: John Kirby on February 20, 2015, 08:09 PM ---They? Sorry just me. we'll see how it does.

--- End quote ---

Oh, I thought you meant you and others who have had hands on it in the past.  I misunderstood. 
Its going to look great, I'm sure.


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