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Big California Juniper

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John Kirby:
Dorian, the tree was taken up to the show and back by two of my BIB friends and compatriots who also had displays in the Show, Jonas (bonsaitonight.com) and Eric (phutu.com) two of the very best websites/blogs related to bonsai around, and they don't want to sell you anything!

 ;D ;D ;D

I will have a look at their sites.

Over the top, really. I never get tired of looking at it.

John Kirby:
Oh, this tree is 4' tall...

Dan W.:
This was certainly a favorite of mine! I really like the touch with the exposed roots on the left side, like the tree had been stuck by strong winds over the years. Not to mention the rest of the tree lol!!!

I was quite amazed at the size of most of the trees there. I had imagined most about half the size they actually were.


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