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Jason E:
Hello All,

Thought that I'd share a pic of a RMJ that I acquired recently. This tree originally came from Randy Knight via Ryan Neil and was purchased by our club for development/demonstration by Ryan. Ryan took the tree from raw stock over a period of 2 to 3 years working on the tree at club meetings caring for the tree at his garden between work sessions. The club has had the tree since last falls session w/ plans to auction the tree at our annual auction this spring. I was the lucky winner and the tree now has a new home. The tree hasn't put on a whole lot of growth since last falls work, my goal will be to get the tree growing vigorously and fill out the foliage. I have it in a spot where it gets full sun all day and plan on getting it on a good weekly feeding program of fish emulsion and balanced miracle grow.
Any thought or suggestions welcome as always.

Thanks, Jason

Very cool tree Jason!  I see why you liked it so.  But for some reason the photos won't enlarge when I click on it. So I'd love to see some larger pics.  I'd love to make it out to see Ryan's garden and Randy'd stock one of these days.

Foliar feeding will help restore vigor.

It's growing vigorously now, just all immature lol  Are you saying that foliar feeding will help it revert quicker?

Does anyone know if RMJ's can convert from mature to immature with too much fertilizer?  I have to work with inorganic ferts, so I  put osmocote in those brown little plastic baskets.  I put 3 on at first, and it just got me wondering if this also could've been a reason?

John Kirby:
Yes. You worked it moderately and then used a lot of osmocote to fertilize. Why can't you use organics? If it is because of animal thievery you can dust your organics with habanero pepper powder or flakes. It is fun to watch a squirrel post habanero encounter.


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