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2 new San Jose junipers

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My club had it's annual demo/workshop this past weekend.  We worked on San Jose junipers that came from Jim Doyle at Nature's Way in Harrisburg, PA.  I was the lucky winner of the raffle, and brought home the demo tree as well as a nice smaller tree form the workshop.  The first two pictures are of the demo tree, and the second two are of the workshop tree.  For more detail and pictures form the event, please visit http://mvbonsai.com/


John Kirby:
Very nice.

Better then that. VERY, VERY NICE!  ;D
Especially the first tree - from the demo raffle. Much better than the photo shows. Will be a classy juni bonsai in due time.
Not to take away from the smaller workshop tree. He's a little cutie too.  8)
I know, I know - I'm partial to our 'home boy's' trees.
Bonsai Pride!

I should take that back. 'Little cutie' is NOT the way to describe this juniper.
Nothing little or cute here. This one will surely be a strong bold upright tree. Wait till Dave gets his carving tools to it. We will watch for it to develop and then expect to see it in shows someday.
The journey has just begun.

Thanks Fellas,  I'm looking forward to their development.



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