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"The Alien"; One Rocky Mtn Juniper, or two?

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John Kirby:
This is the first RMJ that I purchased from Andy Smith about 8 years ago. I spent a few hours cleaning it up on Saturday, removing the old bark and gunk that filled the spaces between the live wood and the dead. This tree had sever stability and root problems, and about 4 years ago I stood it up and stabilized it with Rebar- one to get the roots secured and two to get the lower deadwood out of the soil to stop the rot. I bought this tree because I really liked the curves and interesting dead/live wood at the top, and at the bottom. However, it is connected by a very dull piece of fire wood and a single lifeline. So the question is- should we style this as a single tree- and any ideas are welcome (slant, cascade?, formal upright, etc) or should I bite the bullet and make two trees out of it? The RMJs and Shimpakus have started growing again with the cool late summer weather we are having this year.... So grafting is a eal possibility.

Tell me what you think.


John Kirby:
One more pic for good measure

King Kong:
John, that thing is scary looking. Any chance of returning back to the mountain for another 200 years of growth?
Maybe remove a chunk, reattach, coil up live vein and plant deeper? Seems like allot of work for a 'skunker' but good practice in case you ever do a hip replacement.  


T-Town Bonsai:
How about grafting roots on the top section and more roots and branches on the bottom?

John Kirby:
Skunker? Wow, coming from you that is a compliment. Cheers, John


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