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Ryan Neil lecture on Pines two parts

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thuan L.:
Wow what an informative video! Does anyone know if he has one for the care and maintenance of junipers?

Very informative for sure.  And yeah, tough audience lol

Don Dunn:
I've never in all the Youtube's seen him talk much more than a mention of Maples except when he reviewed a show. This is the kind of information that really promotes Bonsai. Because you get a good over all picture and you can write it down and have something to follow. I'm sure you will have to pick up on the other things  like wiring, potting and refining.  If you don't have a few hundred dollars or even thousands to take courses or to go to japan or purchase books. Then this can't be beat at least from my novice view. I wish I could thank him  in person and no I am not trying to make him some kind of God I just appreciate the help.
I wish he would do one on maples.

thuan L.:
When hRyan speaks of organic fertilizers, anyone know what he is using? Also how he applies it to his black pines via liquid, sprinkles on top, or cakes?

Don Dunn:
I wonder the same thing. I think it must be cakes the way he talks about fertilizing every 4 to 6 weeks and stopping 4 to 6 weeks before candling. He says it takes that long for the Nitrogen to flush completely out.

I wonder how often every one else fertilizes JBPs and JMs ?


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